Commit d7f6e8ce authored by Hendrik Rombach's avatar Hendrik Rombach
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Update plugin.xml

Start 3.0 track for future development on SW 5.5
parent c5a48c4a
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<plugin xmlns:xsi=""
<label lang="de">ToolKit</label>
<label lang="en">ToolKit</label>
<author>Net Inventors GmbH</author>
<compatibility minVersion="5.2.6"/>
<compatibility minVersion="5.5.0"/>
<changelog version="3.0.0">
<changes lang="de">
[#29998] Release für SW 5.5
<changes lang="en">
[#29998] Release for SW 5.5
<changelog version="2.4.5">
<changes lang="de">
......@@ -138,6 +151,6 @@ The config option to disable the sUserLoggedIn smarty variable was removed for p
<requiredPlugin pluginName="NetiFoundation" minVersion="2.4.4"/>
<requiredPlugin pluginName="NetiFoundation" minVersion="3.0.0"/>
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