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**NOTE**: If you are viewing this on GitHub, please be advised that the repo has been moved to [GitLab]( and we will no longer respond to Pull Requests on this repo, as it is only a mirror of the GitLab repository.
# DiscountPromotionExport
> This plugin provides the possibility to export the reduced prices in the product export.
> We use a replace hook as long the pull request isnt merged.
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* ProjectId: [000000-012-496](
* [Plugin in shopware store](
## GitHub
* [GitHub Repository](
* [ChangeLog](
* [Issues](
## Requirements:
* Shopware version >= 5.2.6
* NetiFoundation >= 2.1.2
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* Install
* Configure
## How to report bugs / request features?
* [GitHub issue tracker](
## Get involved
We highly appreciate if you want to add further functions and fix issues. Just fork our plugin and create a pull request.
For more information about contributing to this plugin, please see [](
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